Wednesday, May 8, 2013

dimana dan kemana kalian?

ternyata salah
ternyata benar
haruskah seperti itu?
baiknya bagaimana?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have never wanted to go to Bali for the fourth times because i thought Bali is so overrated and there was nothing else to see other than their beaches. I was wrong. Bali still has a lot to offer, food and its nature. Who knew, Bali has such a beautiful clear beach water? At least i dont. It was a jaw dropping experience for me to see that kind of scenery in Indonesia. Karma Kandara. One last stop before going back to Melbourne.

This is the view from the restaurant. This beach is a private beach, which belongs to the restaurant. If you spent more than Rp 250,000 per person which i think you will, and a carriage will take you down to the beach for a free water activities like snorkelling and more. I have to mention that the weather is very hot! VERY VERY HOT at that time. People says its best to visit Bali around August to September. I will keep that in mind. 

If you choose not to go to the water, you can relax and enjoy the heat. You can also enjoy the bar, one level above the restaurant. 

Until next time Bali. Stay pretty!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

sebenernya tugas numpuk puk puk.

tapi apa boleh buat, namanya anak muda, selalu saja procrastinate. hihihi. apa mungkin kita bisa lepas sama yang namanya menunda? mungkin ada beberapa orang yang tidak suka menunda kerjaannya. i admire those people. maybe because they put so much passion on what they are doing jadi sesuatu yang keliatannya berat yah keliatan biasa aja buat mereka because that is what they love doing. yummm..

minggu ini gue dapet tiket gratis ke soundsekerta. eventnya anak Monash Uni. yang datangpun beragam. vincent rompies, ryan adriandhy, raissa dan juga OVJ. padahal kan nunung baru kawin. tapi ke Melbourne buat show. apa mungkin karena itu website2 gossip indo bilang mereka bulan madu di Australia? kepo tingkat tinggi gue.

kemarin ini juga gue mimpi mobilku hilaaaannnngggggg! eh salah lebih tepatnya lagi my sister's car hilang sewaktu saya menyetrinya.. menurut orang orang oriental (bener gak sih oriental? kayak asian super market aja.) katanya kalau mimpi hilang sesuatu artinya mau dapet rejeki besar! amiiiinnn yaaa!!!!! boleh dong di kasih kerjaan di kantor-kantor. yah untuk sementara, gue pasang lotre dulu.. yiihhaaa!

udara di melbourne lagi mellow mellow hujan dan angin gede. jadi membuat orang mellow mellow juga. currently on repeat itu i wont give up by jason mraz. kepingin deh rasanya ambil gunting dan potong rambutnya. tapi lagunya sangat mendayu dayu dan enak. kalau di tempat kalian lagi hujan juga, boleh di dengarkan lagunya. :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bonjorno (medok)!

hello! udah lama ya kayaknya enggak nulis blog.
i just finished my advance financial accounting mid exam this afternoon! no more mid exams for the rest of the year. heaps of assignment to do though. i am currently having my little break to catch up with my korean variety shows.

i miss communicating in korean. i dont want myself to forget just how to speak or write korean. i wish i can continue learning korean. maybe after i graduated, i can learn korean further. there are a lot of stuff in my head, planning to do things i want to learn or do when im free from school.

seperti yang sudah pernah saya bilang, i miss my perth friends so much! wherever they are. maunyaaaaaa sih ke Perth ngeliat mereka. bertatah krama dengan mereka. I have been applying and applying and applying for a part time job. saking udah kebanyakan apply, sampe salah pencet apply buat jadi PORTER HOTEL saudara saudara!! DITOLAK PULAA!!! tsk. doakan yee!

sekarang di melbourne udah mulai nyaman-an. soalnya orang yang bisa di ajak ngobrol ini itu udah mulai banyak. kalau gue bilang salah satu hobby gue adalah making friends, am i superficial?

pingin rasanya ke panti asuhan. main main sama mereka, haha hihi sama mereka, bikin mereka senang. sasaran untuk panti asuhan yang mana yang akan di kunjungi sudah ada. duluuuuu, beberapa taun yang lalu memang sudah pernah kesana. dan ingin sekali kembali. pingin juga contribute buat mereka. di pikir pikir apa yang bisa gue contribute? ngajar kah? ajarin apa? TING!!! bahasa inggris. biarpun bahasa inggris gue juga masih belepotan.

gue pun google cerita cerita orang tentang kunjungan mereka ke panti asuhan. apa yang mereka bawa, apa yang mereka berikan, apa yang mereka lakukan, bagaimana caranya melakukan, juga kesan pesan mereka. some was very touching! biasanya kalau ke panti asuhan paling bawanya mie, bingkisan makanan, boneka, baju, piring, gelas, atau mainan anak anak. tapi apakah itu terlalu mainstream? lalu baca sana sini, gue tau, anak anak paling suka kalau di kasih buku. kayaknya buku udah agak terlupakan biarpun sebetulnya paling bermanfaat.

gue udah punya a rough idea tentang apa yang akan gue lakukan. tapi bagaimana cara melakukannya agar berhasil itu masih di pikirkan. target kesana sih awal tahun 2013. kalau kalian mau menggalang dana untuk panti asuhan, biasanya kalian ngapain sih?

tenkiuuu! <3 p="p">

Sunday, June 10, 2012

happy birthday mamak cinggu! :)

hi hi Livi.

this is my electronic love letter slash your birthday letter from me to you..

like what most letter would have, we will start off with how i met you first.

it was my second year in uwa and i was waiting for my introduction to corporate accounting tutorial outside the room. while i was waiting, i saw this young lady walking back and forth checking whether there is anybody in the classroom. i thought she was weird. wearing blue zara t-shirt and black skinny jeans she was holding the thick heavy textbook on her hand. i decided to enter the room way before the class started. as i was sitting down waiting for the others, this weird girl came into the room and i thought it would be so awkward when suddenly she asked me "is this intro to corp acct tutorial?" "yes." at that time, i thought you must be new to uwa. as you would probably know, since the first year of uni, i have been looking for any indonesian students that i can be friends with. the same taste of musics, foods, movies and jokes. i was glad when i asked you "where are you from?" "indonesia.." "OHYAA!! SAMA DONG!! loe darimana?" and the conversation began. i know i always teases you about how you asked me "can i sit beside you?" when we first met. however, i was very happy when you asked me that.. since then, we always take bus home together even when our class ended not at the same time.

there is always you in almost all of my memorable uni moments. when we went through the hailstrom together, when i went to the wrong bus (one bus before your bus) even when your bus was just 1 min away because i was too nervous, how we studied that shitty introduction to finance quizzes together, how you "introduced" me to fruits and yoghurts, how you always ALWAYS have signal problem with your bb or left your bb at home or your bb died and of course how we cried in the library once together!

of course my memories with you, not only about uni but also the outside life or shall we say the boring outing life we had in perth. our outings are just about food, karaoke and bubble tea. nothing more and nothing less.

from zero to hero. from bus to driving cars. from iphone to bb. from eyebrow-less to THICK EYEBROW. there are times when we find it hard to survive in perth. not because we are not strong enough but maybe sometimes, the rock that we have to face is just too big. i didnt expect you to understand me so well but you not only you understand me so well, you also know what to say and what not to say all throughout my ups and downs. i am very very very grateful that you appeared to my life.

i was there with you in your car when you first started to drive. you were there with me when i first started to drive. you were also there when i nearly had an accident and had to go backwards at the traffic light on our way to brunch. i remembered when i was trying to do a side parking and i made it with my first try and you clapped. this kind of things will never ever be forgotten.

after being so pro at driving and parking, the both of us finally made our dreams came true. which is to be able to go out at night without worries on how to go back home with public transport and also to be able to go somewhere new that is not accessible with public transport. latter on, we have discovered the need of being closer to God and we started going to vihara every Sunday.

you are always there with me in every big steps of the way from being a kid to a more mature kid.

it has been my absolute pleasure to be able to know you Livi. you are such a great human being and i love you for being who you are. we have only known each other for 3 years but it seems like we have been through a lot together and that makes me feel like i have known you for all my life.

happy birthday Livi. enjoy your birthday without any stress for exam!
there is no need for me to bring the cake to the library and 'surprise' you anymore.
see you soon cinggu ya! :)
i miss you dearly and there are times when i just wanted to call your oz's number and just talk to you.. :(
 have a great year ahead mamak.. :):) muah!

Friday, May 4, 2012

an update

seperti lupa bagaimana senangnya menulis ini itu di sini..

i have been enjoying every moments of my life here.

let say, i have been busy lately with all the assignments. now all i have to do is to wait for the results. tough, it doesnt mean i am free. with only one month left before finals, its kind of freaking me out.

enggak kerasa sebentar lagi sesemster ini sudah akan berakhir. rasanya baru kemarin pindah, unpacking all the boxes, nyasar, pilih pilih sekolah, touring the city around with mum, etc. 

i am back to my old hobby now.. cooking. or baking. not so much on baking the cakes and all those pretty sweet treats.. but savoury food. especially those with cheese. yumm.. sister and sister's boyfriend are the best at judging my cooking because all they did was "umm, enaakk.." they gave me a fluffy happy feeling. even when i know that it was not that good.. 

toodles everybody.

Monday, March 12, 2012

a promise to you

i will be back short after my tiny little break from blogging..

i miss blabbering on my own blog.
on Wednesday next week, i will be missing one of the biggest night of my friend's life. their graduation! i promised to some of them (2 years back) that i will be attending their graduation but now that i couldn't make it. i can just congratulate them via chat messages. i miss them all truly from the bottom of my heart..

now, here in Melbourne, i am trying to do new things that i've never done before. it is exciting living here in Melbourne as a student. once or twice a day that disappointment will come across my mind again. 

everything was blur and it is now still a big blur picture for me. 

i miss my rooster dearly.